5 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Spring

2018 Acura TLX Rear

The spring season is when more people spend time on the road venturing once the weather becomes beautiful after the winter months. Whether you're planning on visiting the beach or taking a road trip, it's essential that your vehicle is prepared for the extra time that it's in use. If you want to keep the car running well and avoid costly repairs, there are a few ways to prepare the vehicle for spring.

1. Fill the Fluids

The fluids need to be topped off to ensure that everything continues to function correctly. Add more oil to the vehicle, which is considered to the be the blood of the car, to ensure that the engine remains to run well. More wiper fluid also needs to be added because it was likely used frequently during the winter months and will continue to improve your visibility. The brake fluid should also be replaced to ensure that you can stop the car quickly without having to apply more pressure than necessary.

The coolant should also be checked to keep the engine at the right temperature when it's running.

2. Inspect the Battery

The battery can quickly drain during the winter season because the car works harder due to inclement weather conditions. Examine the battery or visit an auto parts store for a free inspection to determine if it needs to be replaced. You'll also want to check the date when it was last installed and purchase a new battery if it's more than four years old.

3. Take Care of the Tires

Many people use heavy duty tires that can provide traction in the snow during the winter season, making it necessary to switch back to standard tires once the spring season arrives. Snow tires wear down faster if they're used the rest of the year. Check the tire pressure and inspect the tire thread to ensure that the tires are still in good condition and will prevent the vehicle from skidding on the road.

You can also check the alignment after inspecting the tires and determine if it veers to the right or left when driving. A professional can perform the adjustment to ensure that you have more control while behind the wheel.

4. Clean the Vehicle

Detailing the vehicle will allow you to keep it in excellent condition after it's been exposed to the elements from the previous season. You'll also want to wash off all of the salt that has settled onto the body and underneath the vehicle, which can quickly lead to rust.

Conditioning leather seats will also allow them to become moisturized after a dry season that can wear the material out prematurely.

Waxing the car's body will also protect the paint from environmental elements and will also prevent the exterior from looking dull. You can increase the shine of the vehicle and allow it to look newer when getting ready for upcoming trips.

5. Replace the Cabin Air Filter

Replacing the cabin air filter will allow you to breathe easier while driving in the vehicle without suffering from as many allergies due to pollen, plant material, and dust that can enter the car. The air filter only needs to be replaced once each year and will improve the airflow when you need to turn on the AC or fan.

If you want to learn more about how to prepare your car for the spring season, contact our dealership to speak to a professional. We can give you more information and also show you our extensive inventory of vehicles.

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