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Are you tired of having your arms full of groceries and being faced by the seemingly insurmountable challenge of producing your car keys from one of three pockets to lock your car? When it comes to your car, Acura has found a way to streamline the process by making your key fob a hands-free device.

While you still have the option of producing the fob in hand and pressing a button to lock and unlock the doors, a combination of sensor technology mixed with a few security measures make it smooth as butter to gain access to your car from any side while intruders will be left in the cold. Keyless Access, Auto-Locking and more allow you to manage your Acura's doors without ever reaching into your pockets.

There are a couple tricks to getting the system working to its fullest and we're here to show you how it's done. You should also take note of Acura's other related features, such as Keyless Starting and a detection system that prevents you from locking the fob inside the car. By bringing a new attitude to an old concept, Acura proves that the littlest improvements can make the biggest difference.

How Your Security Features Work

We're not leaving you out of the loop here! While the system may vary slightly by model, the general idea remains the same across all Acura vehicles. Here, we'll explain how simple these features are and how to capitalize on their benefits.

1. Keyless Access

By keeping the key in your pocket, you can simply reach out and grab the door handle to unlock it. This prevents accidental unlocking by just standing near the vehicle. Of course, you can always opt for the old-fashioned way and just use the fob buttons to unlock the car instead. Keep in mind is that by unlocking the driver door with the keyless method, only the driver door will be unlocked; grabbing the other three door handles will actually unlock all four doors and the tailgate.

2. Walk-Off Auto-Locking

Leaving your vehicle stationary and with all doors shut will automatically engage the locks when the sensors detect that you're leaving. If you're on the super-cautious side, you can always just use the lock switch inside the doors or on the fob itself. Please note that if you leave your key inside the cabin, the car will refuse to lock until you remove it.

3. Tailgate Controls

For the models that have a tailgate, you can access the auto-open mechanism by hold-pressing the release button that can be found underneath the tailgate handle in the back. If the tailgate is already unlocked with Keyless Accessor the fob control, you can optionally open it yourself.

Questions or Concerns?

Feel free to come by our dealership to find out more about the security features that our vehicles bring to your driveway.

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