Acura Maintenance Codes & Their Meanings

Acura Maintenance

The good news about owning an Acura? You can spend a lifetime with an Acura and never see those pesky warning lights indicating a problem. Other cars will have dashboards that light up like a Christmas tree, while your Acura will be as reliable as any vehicle on the road.

Still, even the most reliable cars on the road will have their issues. Here is a list of the warning lights in your Acura.

The first thing to know is that Acura warning lights are organized by color. Green means go, yellow means caution and red means stop. A green light indicates a system is active, or being utilized; a yellow light indicates that something requires your attention; a red light means you should stop or get your Acura serviced immediately. You probably won't see a lot of the red lights, but here's a list of all lights, anyway.

Green Lights

Here is a list of the green lights on your dashboard.

Fog Light: This light indicates that your fog lights are on. Fog lights go off if the vehicle is switched to high beams

Turn Signals: These lights go on when you have switched on the turn signals. There is a left and right turn signal and both flash simultaneously when the hazards are on.

Cruise Main: This light comes on when the cruise control system has been turned on but a speed has not been set.

Cruise Control: This light indicates that cruise control is activated.

Lights On: This light comes on when the headlights are turned on.

Immobilizer System: This key-shaped symbol comes on when the car is first started, but then turns off. If someone is trying to start the Acura with an improper key, or a faulty key, the green immobilizer light will stay on and the Acura will not start.

Yellow Lights

This is a list of the yellow dashboard lights, which indicate a problem which should be checked out as soon as possible.

Fuel Light: The fuel levels in the car are getting low and need to be refilled.

Low Tire Pressure: This light indicates that one or more tires may have low pressure. This light may also turn on if one tire is out of alignment with the rest, i.e. the pressure is 5psi or more higher than the other tires.

Side Airbag Off: This light comes on when the side airbag is unable to deploy during a crash. Note: placing objects or feet under the front seats can cause airbags not to deploy.

Passenger Airbag Off: Similar to the Side Airbag light, this comes on when the passenger side airbags are not going to be deploy. Note: placing objects or feet under the front seats can cause airbags not to deploy.

VSA Light: This comes on when the Vehicle Stability Assistance programs are not able to function properly. The Acura is still driveable, but lacks the advanced stability control systems such as traction control or anti-lock brakes.

Stability Assist /!\: This light flashes on when emergency stability control systems are activated. When this light is on continuously, the VSA system is malfunctioning.

ABS Lights: When these lights are on, the anti-lock brake system is malfunctioning. The car is driveable, but should be serviced as soon as possible.

Electronic Power Steering:When the yellow steering wheel is lit up, the power steering system is malfunctioning. Attempt to stop and restart the vehicle if this happens, but contact a dealer as soon as possible if the light stays on.

Check Engine Light: The Acura is driveable but has an engine issue. This light flashes on when the Acura is started but should go off. If it comes on while driving or stays on, the engine needs to be checked by a certified Acura technician.

Red Lights:

Red lights indicate a serious issue. They need to be inspected immediately. If you see one of these red lights, contact your local Acura dealership to schedule an appointment today.

BRAKE: This could mean the parking brake is still on or that there is an issue with brake fluids or a brake malfunction. It needs to be checked immediately.

SRS Light: There is an airbag malfunction. It is possible the airbags will not deploy in an accident when this light is on.

Door/Trunk Open Light: This light only comes on when a door is open or the trunk is open.

Seat Belt Reminder Light: Remember to buckle up!

Low Oil Pressure: This light shows that there is low oil pressure. Turn the car off as soon as safely possible. Low oil pressure could cause the engine to seize, which would require your Acura to need an engine replacement.

Charging System / Battery Light: This light comes on when the battery is not being charged. This indicates a potential issue with the alternator and requires immediate attention from a certified Acura technician.

Acura Maintenance

If you have any question about the warning lights of an Acura, why not contact your local dealership to get more information? Your local Acura dealership is always prepared to offer you certified service to keep your Acura in working order. Schedule to bring your vehicle to your local dealership today if you have any issues!

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