Acura Handling

What distinguishes the Acura Super Handling All-Wheel Drive? We will have a look at some of the reasons that this car distinguishes itself from the herd. The sophisticated system gets used as a way to make the driving experience more fun. Meanwhile, it boosts performance on the higher end of the scale. You have all-weather advantages and all-wheel drive that come with this vehicle to make it an even better choice for the highway.

How Does It Work

The system works through redistributing and redirecting engine power to ensure that you experience the maximum level of performance. Some of the special details that the automaker focused on include driver input, available traction, seamless power transitions and a liberating level of agility. You can't match the high-performance cornering that you will find in an Acura.

What are the Highlights?

You have a few key highlights that serve to make this even better. First, the system will continually search for the optimal level of power distribution found between rear and front axles. A continual analysis happens where it looks at steering angle, wheel speed, and lateral G-force. This system hands you greatly improved fuel economy. In fact, one of the reasons for this comes from the fact that 90 percent of the power gets sent to the front wheels. Through this new system, they have also improved acceleration. An estimated 70 percent of the torque gets redirected to the back wheels to add to the level of acceleration.

Why You Should Get One

If the reasons above haven't convinced you, the Acura Super Handling All-Wheel Drive understands that races get won at the heels of the curves. When you can take those curves more effectively, you will perform better. This technology has been designed for the best level of handling on any type of road.

For those who haven't already, we would recommend that you check into this technology at your local dealership. Even taking it for a test drive, you will see how well cars with this technology perform. Lane changing has never been easier because of how it shifts the weight of the vehicle in a flawless way. The power gets transferred over to the rear inside wheel for a seamless transition. To make it even better, your car will perform even better on a slippery road than what it would have before. That's important because slippery roads can cause bad car accidents. You have to stay alert to these dangers.

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