Which Features are Included with AcuraLink?


AcuraLink is an online experience for your Acura. It brings it online through navigational and connectivity experience. AcuraLink syncs with the cloud. You can enjoy services such as music, podcasts, reading your email and news from your AcuraLink access. There are also services available such as concierge services, roadside assistance, and traffic information, depending on the AcuraLink package you choose. Read below for more details on AcuraLink features and more.

Even in the basic AcuraLink package, there are many features. These include navigation services to give you updated traffic information. AcuraLink basic services are available at no charge for the first three years after purchasing your new vehicle at no cost to you.

Other features in the most basic package include owner's guide for realtime information on specific features in your vehicle and on what individual indicator lights mean. Recall notices are sent through AcuraLink, as well as notifications for needed or scheduled maintenance services. Roadside assistance is also offered in which you can use AcuraLink to call for a tow, help with a tire change, have someone deliver fuel, and more.

The Connect package of AcuraLink does require a subscription. It will allow for communications, both voice and data. A virtual dashboard is easily accessible via a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Features of the Connect package include collision notification in which an agent will be alerted to contact you to assist with the aftermath. Other features include a stolen vehicle location, remote lock with your smartphone, and find my car to locate a parked vehicle. You can also check the status of your vehicle with this subscription, make an emergency call with an agent, be alerted if the security alarm goes off, and speak with an agent who will give you realtime directions.

The final AcuraLink subscription is the Premium subscription. This upgrade adds a personal concierge. AcuraLink concierge agents are equipped to help with everything business or personal, such as making arrangements, searching for event locations, and sending directions to you directly.

Additional features include the Next Generation app, which connects your smartphone and vehicle, Streams app that connects you with cloud-based services, the Connect app to receive the alerts of the Connect package, and Roadside app to receive roadside assistance. This is the most expensive option. With this in mind, prices will be higher for these services.

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