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Acura Type S Origins

Acura Type S Origins 
The Type S line of Acura comes from the same rich history that made Acura a force to be reckoned with in the luxury car market. It came from America's new desire for the best performance and amenities available in a vehicle after recovering from the poor economy of the early 1970s. After its design in the 1990s, the Type S lineup became Honda and Acura's trophy in the competition to produce the best performing luxury cars for the money.
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About Fort Worth Cops for Kids

School supplies for kids  

Law enforcement officers in the Fort Worth area do much to protect our communities, but did you know they do much more than guard the streets against crime? They also take time out of their lives to form charities that make a difference in this area. One organization that's received recognition this year is "Cops for Kids." This charitable organization is a non-profit that was first formed in 2003. Their long record of service during the off-hours of their jobs continues to improve the lives of children in the Fort Worth area.

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Learn About Acura True Touchpad Interface™

Acura True Touchpad In Use

Today's vehicles are all about connected tech. Sure, you've still got the vibrant exterior coat of paint, the luxurious interiors, but at the heart of your captain's seat is always going to be that center dash that hooks you up with your world. Navigation, entertainment, and productivity apps are all central components of this new age of connectivity.Today we're here to cover the central features that will impress you the minute you step into your Acura and access your world.

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5 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Spring

2018 Acura TLX Rear

The spring season is when more people spend time on the road venturing once the weather becomes beautiful after the winter months. Whether you're planning on visiting the beach or taking a road trip, it's essential that your vehicle is prepared for the extra time that it's in use. If you want to keep the car running well and avoid costly repairs, there are a few ways to prepare the vehicle for spring.

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