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How to Use AcuraWatch


AcuraWatch is a driving assist technology suite with safety features to keep the Acura drivers safe. AcuraWatch has many technology features such as lane keep assist and collision mitigation braking system and many others. Below, we provide insight on various AcuraWatch features and how to use them.

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Which Features are Included with AcuraLink?


AcuraLink is an online experience for your Acura. It brings it online through navigational and connectivity experience. AcuraLink syncs with the cloud. You can enjoy services such as music, podcasts, reading your email and news from your AcuraLink access. There are also services available such as concierge services, roadside assistance, and traffic information, depending on the AcuraLink package you choose. Read below for more details on AcuraLink features and more.

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How Does Precision All-Wheel Steering Work?

Acura All Wheel Drive

Precision All-Wheel Steering is a system that works by independently adjusting the toe angles of your vehicle's rear wheels to provide fully independent rear-wheel steering. In most vehicles, the steering wheel only controls the front wheels. The rear wheels are used to provide extra stability and control, but the steering is controlled entirely in the front. With Precision All-Wheel Steering, the steering wheel still controls the angle of the front wheels. 

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What Makes Acura Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™ Different?

Acura Handling

What distinguishes the Acura Super Handling All-Wheel Drive? We will have a look at some of the reasons that this car distinguishes itself from the herd. The sophisticated system gets used as a way to make the driving experience more fun. Meanwhile, it boosts performance on the higher end of the scale. You have all-weather advantages and all-wheel drive that come with this vehicle to make it an even better choice for the highway.

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How to Use Acura Keyless Entry

Acura Keyless Entry Fob

Your Acura dealership sends you a warm greeting. We understand that you may be interested in or just purchased a 2019 vehicle from us and have questions about using the keyless entry. Troubleshooting steps also can help you make the remote work again if you’re having trouble with it.

How an Acura Keyless Entry System Works

You may have a different experience than another Acura driver would. It depends on your settings and preferences…

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How to Use Acura Automatic Idle Stop

Acura TLX Interior

The Acura Automatic Idle Stop feature will automatically shut off your vehicle's engine while it's idling to maximize fuel efficiency. When the feature is active, your vehicle's engine functions will stop automatically when it is in idle and the brake pedal is pressed. The engine restarts when the acceleration pedal is pressed or the steering wheel is turned. The entire process is seamless and can save fuel without impeding your drive in any way.

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