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Summer Maintenance Tips

Summer Maintenance Tips

You’re probably in the middle of planning a summer road trip now that the temperatures and weather are optimal. Before you leave, Vandergriff Acura wants to help you by ensuring that your vehicle is in great shape so you won’t be faced with a necessary repair while in another city or state. When temperatures start to climb and you’re dealing with the hot summer sun, you’d be surprised at how this can affect your automobile. Contact our dealership in Arlington if you would like more information on the following summer maintenance tasks.

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Setting Up Acura HomeLink

Acura HomeLink  

Our love of technology and connectivity has made its way into the automotive world. Acura has included the HomeLink system in many of their newly released models. This system is designed to link together with your vehicle and your home to benefit you in several ways. You can use the Acura HomeLink System to control your garage door, along with other things from your automobile.

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How To Setup Android Auto in Your Acura


To access all the features available through your Android phone with your eligible Acura model, you'll need to complete several steps for Android Auto integration. Currently, the feature is available on the Acura TLX, ILX, NSX, and MDX. Soon, it will also be available on the RDX. With Acura's innovative system, you can enjoy the advantages of using Google Assistant to access maps, music, phone calls, and more.

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Find Your Perfect Car in 2021

Find the Perfect Car for 2021  

If the time has come to pick out a new vehicle, it's essential that you do some research to ensure that you're making a wise investment. Your next car should be something that fits your needs, and we here at Vandergriff Acura know this can be an overwhelming process. Whether this is the first vehicle you've ever picked out or you've had multiple cars before this point, we have some tips that can help you find your perfect vehicle this year.

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How to Update the Navigation in My Acura

2020 Acura ILX Navigation System  

As a vehicle owner, you probably know how important it is to keep up with regular maintenance for your Acura. Making sure that you update your navigation maps regularly is something that is part of this maintenance. Without these updates, you could end up driving in circles because of navigational changes that your vehicle wasn't aware of. Don't be late to a special event because of an update that would have only taken approximately thirty minutes out of your day. If you've never updated your navigation maps before, let us here at Vandergriff Acura tell you a…

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How to Use AcuraWatch


AcuraWatch is a driving assist technology suite with safety features to keep the Acura drivers safe. AcuraWatch has many technology features such as lane keep assist and collision mitigation braking system and many others. Below, we provide insight on various AcuraWatch features and how to use them.

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Tips for Keeping Your Car Dependable

Family in Car

Your car is a crucial resource, and you, therefore, have to do whatever it takes to keep its performance top-notch. The engine, to be precise, is the center of your car's performance, and you must pay close attention to it. Your driving habits will also determine how long the vehicle can serve you and how dependable it will be. Check out our tips here for keeping your car dependable for you and your family.

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Which Features are Included with AcuraLink?


AcuraLink is an online experience for your Acura. It brings it online through navigational and connectivity experience. AcuraLink syncs with the cloud. You can enjoy services such as music, podcasts, reading your email and news from your AcuraLink access. There are also services available such as concierge services, roadside assistance, and traffic information, depending on the AcuraLink package you choose. Read below for more details on AcuraLink features and more.

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