2020 Acura ILX Navigation System  

As a vehicle owner, you probably know how important it is to keep up with regular maintenance for your Acura. Making sure that you update your navigation maps regularly is something that is part of this maintenance. Without these updates, you could end up driving in circles because of navigational changes that your vehicle wasn't aware of. Don't be late to a special event because of an update that would have only taken approximately thirty minutes out of your day. If you've never updated your navigation maps before, let us here at Vandergriff Acura tell you a little bit more about the process.

There are a few different products that you can purchase through Acura that will allow you to install these updates. A DVD is an option, but you can also choose an SD card or a USB stick, depending on what kind of Acura you have and the model year. The cost of these updates is generally pretty affordable, and there are sometimes promotional codes that you can utilize to reduce the cost.

2020 Acura RLX Driving Through Hills  

Once you've received your product, this is what you need to do to install the updates.

  • Turn on your vehicle's engine, so it's running.
  • You'll need to remove the old disc, SD card, or USB device from your vehicle. Insert the new one.
  • Follow the prompts that you are given for the updates.
  • The update will take anywhere from fifteen minutes to twenty-five minutes. Make sure you have enough time to let the updates install completely.
  • Once you see the success screen, your updates are completed. You can turn off your engine.

While it might not seem necessary, regularly updating your Acura's navigation system can help you immensely. Think of all the gas you'll save when you aren't driving around lost in an area you don't know very well. If there are concerns with purchasing the proper updates or completing the process, contact us at Vandergriff Acura for more information and assistance.