What You Need to Sell Your Car


Confirm ownership with current and valid car registration.


Vehicle title or payoff info. Each titleholder should be present.

Valid ID

Valid state-issued photo ID for each titleholder.


Keys and remotes (if originals are missing, your offer may need to be adjusted).

Schedule an Appraisal

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Guide to Selling Your Car in 2021

If you're tired of driving your old car and ready for something newer - it's time to consider talking to our dealership here. Vandergriff Acura is a dealership that can help you get top dollar for your vehicle. Skip the trade-in this time and walk away with cash from us.

The simple process of selling your vehicle to us makes everything stress free. You bring your car to our lot, we inspect and appraise it. After we're done, you'll get a cash offer for your vehicle, no questions asked. We take vehicles in all shapes and sizes, and we'd love to be the dealership that makes it easy to sell your car.

Benefits of Selling Your Car to Vandergriff Acura

Selling a car can be a real pain, especially if you live in an area with limited buyers. You might spend months taking out ads, talking to people who change their minds about buying, and scrambling to find a buyer who's interested. People out there don't know your vehicle is for sale just because you decide to sell it. What happens is that you may have a great used vehicle for sale but never even find a buyer.

If you need fast money, this can be a frustrating experience. When you sell to Vandergriff Acura, things go much more smoothly, and you walk out with cash in your hand the same day you bring your vehicle in. Our certified auto mechanics inspect it, grade it, and we give you a price right then and there. We can put cash in your hand the very same day you come in to show us your vehicle. How awesome is that?

When you sell to a private buyer, you often encounter people who aren't skilled in negotiating the price of a vehicle, and you may have to admit that you're not all that skilled at it either. Things get very confusing very quickly, leaving you frustrated and stressed out. When you sell to a dealership like ours, you are talking to the experts at pricing vehicles. We want to give you a fair price you're going to walk away smiling about.

Remember, we take old clunkers that still run just like we take lightly used models that will net you more dollars for your time. Don't assume we won't buy your vehicle just because it has a few dings or paint issues. Since we have a team here at the dealership who can fix vehicles up nicely, we're much more apt to pay top dollar for your vehicle than a private seller is. Most importantly, if you need quick cash from your vehicle, you're going to get it quickest from us. We love to make our customers happy.

If you're tired of looking at your old vehicle and would rather look at some brand new cash instead, please contact us to let us know you're interested in selling your vehicle to us! You can also just stop by and bring your vehicle in. We'll be eager to assist you.

Think you’d prefer to trade in your vehicle? Get a quote online and browse inventory at Vandergriff Acura below.