For years, drivers in the Arlington area have been taking  advantage of our exceptional leasing program here at Vandergriff Acura. And if you're in  the market for a new vehicle, you'll definitely want to explore the benefits of  leasing before you buy. Continue reading to learn about the top five advantages  of leasing a new car and why it is a great alternative to traditional car  buying.

A Luxurious Acura  with Less Down

Sitting in the lap of luxury can be expensive, but it  doesn't have to be with leasing. Everyone knows that in order to achieve lower  monthly car payments you have to put more money down. However, this is not the  case with leasing; in fact, most of our leased cars can be had for very little  down. This is very helpful for those who are looking to steer clear of having  to dip into their savings account.

Driving with  Confidence

Having to pay for expensive car repairs is no fun and it can  be very difficult for a lot of families. With leasing, all major mechanical  repairs are usually covered because your brand-new leased vehicle is already  covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

Monthly Payments You Can Afford

This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people decide  to lease. When you buy a car, you may have a larger monthly payment than you  desire, depending on how much you put down as we said above. With leasing, you  only pay for a portion of the vehicle which keeps your payments low.

Drive a New Car More Often

If you're a fan of always driving a new  car, then leasing is perfect for you. Not only does it feel great to get  behind the wheel of a brand-new vehicle, but it also allows you to enjoy all of  the most up-to-date technologies. This is important to many car shoppers who  want the latest safety features on their new luxury family car or SUV in the  Dallas metro area.

Hassle-Free Returns

The turn-in process of leasing your next new Acura MDX or Acura TLX is another benefit of leasing. With leasing, the  days of trying to find a buyer for your old car are over; instead, all you have  to do is just hand us the keys when your lease ends. If you're not willing to  separate with your leased car, simply buy it. If you want to lease another new  car, just pick one out and we'll get you back on your way in no time.

Stop by Vandergriff Acura in Arlington and learn more about  our various leasing options. We look forward to serving you!

If you're looking to lease a vehicle in Arlington, check out our awesome selection. We carry popular vehicles to lease like the MDX and more! If you're already leasing, check out your lease return options!


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