Those who are current owners of a Honda vehicle might be wondering what they should purchase when it comes time for them to upgrade their vehicles. There is a good chance that someone who loves a Honda will also love an Acura.

Acura is a luxury brand that is owned by Honda. There are some subtle differences between the two brands. Both brands rank high with safety ratings, Acura win in the performance category. Acura has more vehicles with impressive performance than Honda, making it more fun to drive an Acura vehicle for many.

Acura has SUV options ranging from the RDX crossover to the three-row MDX. They both appeal to premium-minded buyers looking for feature-rich and performance-oriented SUVs. They work out well for those who are current Honda owners. Honda owners who are looking to invest in a luxury vehicle should come by Vandergriff Acura to experience your favorite Acura vehicle in a test drive. We would love to help a former Honda driver find an Acura vehicle that is perfect for their needs.

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