A Guide to Using Acura Remote Start

Vandergriff Acura is often asked about using the remote start feature, which is found on many Acura models. We've put together some simple instructions that will help you use the remote start on your vehicle.

About Acura Remote Start

The Acura Remote Engine Start System is available on many popular Acura models such as the ILX, RL, and TSX. It is compatible with all automatic transmission Acura models, but the technology does not work with manual transmissions.

The system includes a small remote that is used to remotely start the engine. You press the "ENGINE" button and hold it to start the car. The car can be started from up to 328 feet away. The remote start automatically initiates your security system so that you don't have to worry about anyone getting into your vehicle.

That's not all. When you choose to remote start your Acura car, you will also activate the climate control settings of your vehicle—no more getting into a cold car on those winter mornings. Your car will stay running for ten minutes. If you need more time, no problem. You can extend for another ten minutes.

Acura Makes Life Easier

One of the principles that guide design and manufacturing at Acura is the use of features that make life easier for Acura owners. The company actively seeks to incorporate technology that drivers can use to make owning an Acura more pleasurable.

We invite you down to Vandergriff Acura, where you can schedule a test drive today of your favorite Acura model.

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