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Cops for Kids Overview

Law enforcement officers in the Fort Worth area do much to protect our communities, but did you know they do much more than guard the streets against crime? They also take time out of their lives to form charities that make a difference in this area. One organization that's received recognition this year is "Cops for Kids." This charitable organization is a non-profit that was first formed in 2003. Their long record of service during the off-hours of their jobs continues to improve the lives of children in the Fort Worth area.

The Mission of Cops for Kids

We all wish that every child was born into a home that has enough: enough food, enough shelter, and enough love. To our dismay, we know this isn't so. Millions of children are born every year into disadvantaged backgrounds. They don't have enough food, and their shelter isn't always safe or in an ideal location. This is where Cops for Kids bring in their efforts to help the children in the Fort Worth community.

Over 5,000 children have benefited from the services of Cops for Kids. They focus on areas of life where children will benefit most. If there's a sick child in a hospital, they work to get gifts for that child to brighten their day. If children in the community don't have enough money for school supplies, they donate school supplies to ensure that Fort Worth kids have a quality education with all the essential tools. Cops for Kids also offers scholarship opportunities to bright, motivated students. Their mission to help kids of all ages gain a better life is never-ending. Since its establishment in 2003, they've helped and encouraged so many children to strive for a better quality of life.

Learn More Today

Children are the future. We all know that. Organizations like Cops for Kids realize it a little more. This group of Fort Worth police officers did more than wish kids the best. They formed a non-profit organization to ensure that those disadvantaged kids of the area have the tools they need to go on and lead successful, law-abiding, and giving lives. Learn more about this non-profit organization today and how you can aid them in their critical mission in Fort Worth.

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