Acura Key Fob  

While the battery in your Acura key fob is designed to last approximately two to three years, the battery will likely die at some point during the time that you own your vehicle. Luckily, it’s a very simple process used to change out this battery. Below you will find step-by-step instructions to help you walk through this process.

Keep in mind, these steps may vary slightly depending on what type of fob you have. There are a few different Acura versions, depending on the model, manufacture year, and trim level that you have.

The following instructions are for the most common fob, the Acura Smart Key:

  • Press the tab on your fob that allows you to remove the metal key.
  • The metal key can be used to open up the battery compartment on your fob. You can also use something like a small screwdriver. Just be careful that you don’t slip and hurt your hand.
  • Remove the old battery from inside of the fob.
  • The new battery can be installed on the inside of the fob, and the positive side of the battery should be facing outwards.
  • Place the door to the compartment back on the fob. You should hear a click that indicates the chamber has closed properly.
  • Place your key back in the slot of the fob.

If you follow these steps one by one, you’ll be able to quickly change the battery in your Acura key fob. You’ll be back on your way before you know it. If you have any issues with changing the battery or you suspect that there is a problem with your fob, you can contact Vandergriff Acura for more information or schedule an appointment with our service department. We are also happy to bring you in for an appointment with someone from our sales team if you’re in the market for a new vehicle and would like to see what Acura has to offer right now.