Car Oil Types

You probably already know that engine oil is one of the most important fluids in your car. The oil should be clean, and the engine needs a certain level of oil to function correctly. However, there are different types of oil that you can get for your vehicle. The ideal oil for your vehicle depends on a few different factors, including the car's age, the type of engine you have, your surrounding environment, and how many miles the car has on its odometer.

Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic motor oil is one of the most popular types of motor oil. It is the purest type of oil and has molecules that are uniform in size and shape. The molecules in synthetic oils are also specially designed to have ideal properties for vehicle operation. Synthetic motor oil is a popular choice for people living in extremely hot or cold temperatures, as it has high-performing additives. Synthetic oil is an ideal choice for a wide range of vehicles, but it is one of the most expensive types of oil that you can buy.

Synthetic Blend Oil

Synthetic blend oil is a mixture of conventional and synthetic oils. It has a higher oxidation resistance compared to traditional engine oil, and it has top-notch low-temperature ratings. Synthetic blend oil can also be used in a variety of car engines. It resists oxidation to a greater extent than conventional oil, and it is also less expensive than a full synthetic oil.

High-Mileage Motor Oil

When your vehicle reaches a certain mileage, you may want to switch over to a high-mileage oil. Cars generally start to use a high-mileage oil when they reach 75,000 miles or more on the odometer. High-mileage motor oil is specially formulated with unique additives and a special formula to preserve the engine quality and integrity in cars with more mileage than newer vehicles. High-mileage oil may help keep oil from burning, and it can even stop leaks from developing in older engines.

Conventional Motor Oil

Conventional motor oil is oil that was traditionally used on older vehicles. It is still a common choice of oil for older cars, and it is also an oil commonly used on light-duty trucks that do not have heavy towing or travel requirements. Conventional motor oil is the least expensive oil, but it is also more limited in the type of engine that it is compatible with.

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