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Are you noticing that your vehicle is not accelerating the way that it used to? This is a frustrating problem that can also be dangerous if not addressed. Ultimately, a professional will need to diagnose the cause of your car's issue. For now, our team would like to cover four of the more common culprits when it comes to a car not accelerating properly.

1.) Clogged Fuel Filter

When your fuel filter gets clogged with dirt and other debris, it can prevent fuel from reaching your engine. Impurities can build up over time, which can cause the problem to slowly develop. Luckily, replacing the fuel filter is a relatively simple task that will resolve the issue.

2.) Dirty Air Filters

Your engine air filter has an important job, and it needs to be replaced regularly. If your engine is not getting the airflow it needs, this can impact the overall performance of your vehicle, including acceleration. Your owner's manual will tell you how frequently you should have your engine air filter replaced.

3.)Dirty Mass Air Flow Sensor

The mass airflow sensor and oxygen sensor in your vehicle ensure that your engine gets a proper fuel/air mix. If a check engine light has accompanied your decrease in acceleration, one of these sensors is likely the culprit. Not only can this problem reduce your acceleration, but it can also negatively impact your fuel economy. Get in touch with our service department right away to get this issue fixed.

4.) Malfunctioning Throttle Position Sensor

The TPS monitor is in charge of adjusting the throttle valve opening as needed. When this part acts up, it no longer reads the position properly. This means your engine's computer is getting inaccurate information, which can cause many issues as you make your way down the road.

Our service team is here to help you diagnose and fix whatever issue may be causing your vehicle to not accelerate properly. Get in touch with us today.


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