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An overheating engine is something that should be taken care of right away, mainly because it can cause irreversible damage to your automobile. The staff of technicians at Vandergriff Acura are available anytime you suspect your vehicle has temperature issues. We'll assess several common problems to diagnose why your engine is overheating. This includes:

Cooling System Leaks

With many different parts that contribute to how your cooling system works, there's a lot that can go wrong. Cracks, splits, and holes can all cause a leak that can alter your engine's temperature. You may also have low coolant levels. We typically check all of your fluid levels when you bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance.

Issues With Your Water Pump

An appropriate amount of pressure is needed from your water pump in order to promote a good flow of coolant. As your vehicle ages, you may find that there is erosion or damage that can cause your engine to overheat from leaks. A complete water pump failure can occur as well.

Radiator Concerns

Your radiator works alongside fans that will help cool your engine. If you find that your temperature is starting to creep up, we'll inspect your radiator to see if everything is working the way it should be.

Thermostat Failure

The thermostat in your engine is essential when it comes to maintaining a proper temperature. Just like the thermostat in your home maintains a preset temperature, your car's thermostat will do the same for your engine. Damage to your thermostat or a stuck valve can impede the flow of coolant.

Belt and Hose Damage

Belts and hoses wear out from regular vehicle use. These are parts that are constantly moving and working hard. We'll inspect hoses and belts during an annual inspection, but you may have issues in the meantime. We encourage you to bring your vehicle to our dealership if you are concerned about an overheating engine or abnormal sounds coming from your engine while it is running. We'll confirm that the coolant is running freely.

Don't put off having your vehicle inspected if you notice that your engine is overheating. Sometimes the overheating may only occur during very long drives, and people often assume they can put off an appointment. You must have this issue addressed right away to prevent permanent damage. Contact Vandergriff Acura for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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