Premium Products Offer Superior Vehicle Protection

Your car is one of your most expensive investments. Shouldn't you protect it? Vehicle performance is essential to keeping your vehicle running reliably and minimizing cost. Preventative maintenance is critical to preserving optimal performance. 

Our high-quality products will help you protect your car from the inside out. By giving your vehicle superior protection, you will extend the life of your car and minimize wear and tear. Keep reading to learn how our ZAK products can help you protect your valuable automotive asset.

The ZAK Advantage

You may be wondering what sets ZAK products apart from other automotive fluids. ZAK fluids protect the multiple systems that work together to keep your car running. We have several formulations specially designed to support your car's brakes, diesel, oil, fuel system, HVAC, power steering, battery, and engine cooling system.

We also offer a selection of products that will maintain your vehicle's exterior. Our interior product lineup includes the Headlight Restoration Kit, Maximum Tire Shine, and Maximum Suds Car Wash to keep your car looking great.

Get the "ultimate" in protection when you choose our ZAK Ultimate Appearance Protection Package. This package will protect your car's paint job against the most common elements that can dull your car's shine. The polymer-based application creates a cohesive film on your car's paint that will resist detergent, salt, and UV rays. The Ultimate Appearance formulation can quickly minimize the appearance of water spots, bird droppings, tree sap, industrial pollution, and oxidation. We even offer a version of ZAK that is specially designed to be used when detailing your vehicle to protect your car's interior.

ZAK Fluids

Why ZAK Products Are Different 

Our products are in a league of their own because we use premium ingredients to clean and lubricate your car's systems. While you may pay less for a single bottle of competing products, you will save money by using our products over time because our treatments last longer. Using higher-quality products also translates to fewer mechanical breakdowns and ultimately save you money by minimizing the need for costly repairs.  

ZAK Products Are Available at Vandergriff Acura

Upgrading to ZAK is easy! Our dealership in Arlington stocks the complete like of ZAK products to protect your car and keep it in prime condition. Visit us today, or contact us online to learn more about how ZAK fluids and protection products can give your vehicle superior protection.

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